Survey After Purchase


Marine surveyor specializing in Inland Waterway Boats

   Survey for insurance :

  • To insure your boat, your insurance company requires a survey report with a valuation of the boat (value determined according to the characteristics of the boat, its condition, possible needed repairs and the market value of similar boats at the time of the survey).
  • A survey for insurance purpose gives an estimate to the market value of a boat, determining a value to guarantee for your insurer. Less detailed than a survey before purchase, it will however check the conformity of the ship with the various current regulations and give you an idea of the general state of the boat.

  Renewal of "Inland Craft Certificate " :

  • Some “Inland Craft Certificates” are subject to a validity date (between 5 to 10 years). The renewal of this “Inland Craft Certificate” is subject to a “Certified Survey Report” defined by the type of craft.
    The inspection visit is focused in the verification of a number of points concerning mainly the structural integrity of the craft, equipment, safety equipment and their conformity with the regulations in force.
  • Depending on the hull’s material, a hull thickness report may be required.

  Damage Survey :

  • Should your boat suffer damage or an accident and you wish to have an estimate of the repair costs.
  • You disagree with the survey report conclusions of the surveyor appointed by your insurance company or that of a third party and you want a second opinion and valuation of the damage.
  • In case of important damage, make sure you are assisted by a Marine Surveyor independent from insurance companies.

  Supervision of work or worksite :

  • Engine replacement, osmosis treatment, partial steel plate overlay or the replacement of steel hull…
  • You wish to install new equipment or modify the layout and several technical solutions are proposed to you. You want technical advice for the choice of the process, choose the estimate at the right price and the supervision of the work executed by a professional.

  Technical Survey :

  • Hull thickness testing, osmosis control, machinery breakdown, damage, latent defects, analysis of engine oil, stern gear or cooling liquid…

  Handling of your craft :

  • Operation of equipment, follow up of the maintenance of equipment, wintering your boat or getting ready for navigation, piloting…

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