Marine surveyor specializing in Inland Waterway Boats

   Preliminary Inspections :

  • Assistance, support, technical and impartial opinion in the choice and purchase of a boat. A selection of several boats according to your criteria and budget are suggested to you.Before you travel, I will look at the boat and a report (oral or written) is sent to you on one or several chosen boats.


    Survey before purchase:

  • A survey before purchase will allow you to have an overview of the boat you wish to acquire, avoiding a possible “unpleasant surprise”.
    This survey includes checking that the paperwork of the boat is in order, an inspection of the boat afloat and on dry dock, a dynamic test, verifying the boat’s conformity with current legislation.
    A survey report is sent to you. Beyond a simple inventory, it is a matter of determining the state of the whole ship and to assess in an exhaustive way all the elements of the boat, whether they are original specifications or not and to determine a market value of the boat. All elements of safety will be also checked, to make sure that they conform to current regulations applicable to the type of boat.
    At the end of the survey, we thus determine "the fair market value” (value according to the boats characteristics, its state of maintenance and its market value at the time of the survey).
  • This survey can be used by the buyer for insurance purposes.

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